Red Alder (Alnus rubra) — Sandwell Park

Circumference: 2.87 metres (9' 5")
Diameter at breast height: 0.91 metres (3') — see notes below

GaLTT tree ID: #22
Year nominated: 2015
Nominated by Rob Brockley

Location: Sandwell Provincial Park
Ownership: BC Parks
Latitude: 49.18425°
Longitude: 123.81498°

Notes: 1. Multiple stems forked below breast height.
2. Measurements were taken below the forks at 1.0m above ground.
3. The largest circumference Red Alder in BC (at Moresby Camp) is 7.20 metres.

Access: Near the trail, at the top of the stairs to the beach.

red alder photo

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