Pacific Dogwood (Cornus nauttallii) — Dole Road

Circumference: 1.17 metres (3' 10")
Diameter at breast height: 0.37 metres (1' 3")

GaLTT tree ID: #10
Year nominated: 2015
Nominated by David Boehm

Location: Beside the road on the south side of Dole Road
Ownership: Public right of way.
Latitude: 49.16024°
Longitude: 123.85357°

Notes:The largest circumference Pacific dogwood in BC (in West Vancouver) is 3.56m but it is only 14m high. The tallest (on Salt Spring Island) is 26.8m high and 3.05m in circumference.

Access: Public road right of way.

dogwood flowering photo     dogwood trunk photo

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