This site contains descriptions and photos of some of the largest specimens of native tree species on Gabriola Island. The registry lists species in alphabetical order by common name, followed by its botanical name. Each species is followed by a list of individual big tree locations. (The ID numbers are simply the order the trees were nominated for the registry.)

To nominate a tree for this registry, or for further information about these big trees:
email GaLTT at or GaLTT board member Ron Bilquist at

For information about the biggest trees in British Columbia, visit the BC Big Tree Registry.
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CLICK on the red tree species headings for general information about that species.
CLICK on the green tree locations for descriptions and photos of registered trees.

The biggest registered tree in each species is bolded. Trees on private land are marked *.

- ALDER, Red
    Alnus rubra

- ARBUTUS (Madrona)
    Arbutus menziesii


- ASPEN, Trembling
    Populus tremuloides


    Rhamnus purshiana





- CEDAR, Western Red
    Thuja plicata

- CEDAR, Yellow
    Chamaecyparis     nootkatensis

  • None found on Gabriola.





- CHERRY, Bitter
     Prunus emarginata


    Populus trichocarpa

- CRABAPPLE, Pacific
    Malus fusca


-DOGWOOD, Pacific
    Cornus nauttallii




    Pseudotsuga menziesii

- FIR, Grand
    Abies grandis



    Crataegus douglasii

  • None nominated yet.



- HEMLOCK, Western
    Tsuga heterophylla

- JUNIPER, Rocky Mtn.
   Juniperus scopulorum
   or Juniperus maritima



- MAPLE, Bigleaf
    Acer macrophyllum

- MAPLE, Vine
    Acer circinatum

  • None nominated yet.



- OAK, Garry
    Quercus garryana

- PINE, Shore
    Pinus contorta

- PINE, Western White
    Pinus monticola


- WILLOW, Pacific
    Salix lucida

  • None nominated yet.


- WILLOW, Scouler's
    Salix scouleriana

- YEW, Western
    Taxus brevifolia


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